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Welcome to the Russian Teachers' Group, a UK organisation that hosts training events for teachers of Russian, provides resources, and advertises Russian events  that happen in the UK.

We have a great community on our Facebook page  so feel free to join to get advice, inspiration and connect with other teachers of Russian around the UK and the world. 

Joining the RTG 


Membership to the RTG is completely free. If you join, you will have access to our database of resources (over 500 files), free updates about RTG events, job positions and cultural events. The RTG committee's decision to make membership free will allow easier and cheaper access to resources and information.


If you would like to join the RTG, or would like to have your company or event advertised on our site, then contact us via our contact page.


Alternatively, send us an email at committee@thertg.co.uk


When doing so, make the subject "Joining the RTG", and remember to put your first and last names in the body of the e-mail.

As the RTG is run by full-time teachers, please understand  that it may take up to 4 working days to reply to your messages, or to get access to the resources.


the Annual RTG CONFERENCE 2022


Dear members,

It has been a really tough few months for all of us and on all levels. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the events in Ukraine. 

I am sure that there is not a single member of our community that has not been affected by the horror of these events. 

Therefore, we, like never before, need each other for support and unity, for inspiration and motivation to keep us going. 

So we are going ahead with the annual Conference and would like to welcome you on the 14th of May, 2022 at the Forest School in London https://www.forest.org.uk/contact/ 


We would love to focus on the following

  • discuss the current state of affairs with RFL
  • recruitment and retainment of students
  • exchange of good practice and ideas
  • how can we help our subject flourish in the current political climate

The guest speakers will include Yulia Amlinskaya (TBC) the founder of the Russificate School in Spain, Rosamund Bartlett (TBC) who will speak about the Russian Literature and a special guest with ample knowledge of the exam process! 

We will also run a carousel of activities sharing good practice and ideas. 

There will be a session on new resources and materials too. 

Attendees can make a voluntary donation for the cost of the Conference via this link (£5, £10 or £20). You will also be able to pay on the door, should you wish to.

Please let us know if you planning to join us by registering your interest here


Please note we will only provide light lunch and refreshments, as our catering possibilities this time are very limited. We hope you understand. 


We look Forward to welcoming you back!



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