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Welcome to the Russian Teachers' Group, a UK organisation that hosts training events for teachers of Russian, provides resources, and advertises Russian events  that happen in the UK.

We have a great community on our Facebook page  so feel free to join to get advice, inspiration and connect with other teachers of Russian around the UK and the world. 

Joining the RTG 


Membership to the RTG is completely free. If you join, you will have access to our database of resources (over 500 files), free updates about RTG events, job positions and cultural events. The RTG committee's decision to make membership free will allow easier and cheaper access to resources and information.


If you would like to join the RTG, or would like to have your company or event advertised on our site, then contact us via our contact page.


Alternatively, send us an email at committee@thertg.co.uk


When doing so, make the subject "Joining the RTG", and remember to put your first and last names in the body of the e-mail.

As the RTG is run by full-time teachers, please understand  that it may take up to 4 working days to reply to your messages, or to get access to the resources.


Some really exciting news for you!
The RTG is going to run a series of FREE webinars to discuss and share best practice in the new learning environment.

We really hope that getting together on-line to explore new teaching techniques dictated by the recent changes in how we teach will help us inspire and learn from each other even more than ever before.
  • The webinars will be held via ZOOM (link will be sent out just before the start of each session)
  • The sessions are FREE (we would be grateful if you could confirm your participation asap)
  • Each session will consist of a presentation and a group discussion and will be led by an active classroom practitioner
Session 4 

Monday 29th March at 10am 

dedicated to pedagogy of Russian.
We can't wait to see you there. The link will be sent out in due course.
From the presenter Natalia V. Parker (University of Leeds):
  • we will first have a look at what research has to say about the causes for these difficulties in learning Russian, analysing how Russian grammar is presented by teachers and processed by learners
  • we will explore possible ways of how these research findings could help us address these difficulties in the teaching of Russian grammar.
  • We will discuss how we can make grammar instruction more “processable”, why integrating it with communicative language practice could be helpful,
  • and finally we will look at how that could be possible within the time restrictions of a school syllabus and whether it is applicable to different levels.
The webinar will consist of a few short presentations, with discussions, there will be group-work and you will all leave with a lesson plan ready to teach!
There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss and comment on various issues, ask questions, as well as making suggestions.
To sign up please go to https://forms.gle/Va9S7bNkvaCWyoTg9
Meeting ID: 584 894 7081
Passcode: 051945


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